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November 24th, 2013

10:08 pm - Update and WhoFest
Two years is a long time without an update.

I changed jobs again in 2012, but this one looks stable.

This weekend was the first WhoFest in Dallas.

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November 14th, 2011

09:21 pm - Update
I got behind on posting.

Things have changed. I'm on my second job since the last post.

and in March, I will be seeing the Mythbusters on stage

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December 22nd, 2009

10:23 am - Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, la_azteca!

Be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday as well!

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October 23rd, 2009

08:59 am - Rocky Horror Show
We're going to see a live performance of Rocky Horror at the Greater Lewisville Community Theater tonight.


And for dinner, we're going to try Tierney's Cafe, a local cafe/tavern not too far from the theater.


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September 5th, 2009

07:25 am - Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
The Sci-Fi Channel does it again...

This cinematic masterpiece airs Sunday, September 6, at 8 pm.

Mega Shark vs. Plane:

Mega Shark vs. the Golden Gate Bridge:

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August 26th, 2009

09:48 am - The 6 Best British Comedies You May Not Have Seen…

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July 28th, 2009

10:21 pm - Ghostbusters 1954


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July 10th, 2009

08:55 pm - 7-11 and Slurpees!

"FREE Slurpee Day 2009 is tomorrow, Saturday, July 11th. Grab your free slurpee at your local 7-eleven and enjoy one of the yummy slushy slurpee treats in flavors like cola, pina colada, blue respberry, root beer and green apple. I hear 7-11 has a new slurpee flavor I must try out called “Liquid Artillery”, which is a combination of strawberry/pineapple and lime flavors.

Free Slurpee Day starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 11 p.m. (while supplies last) at all participating 7-11 locations, in celebration of 7-Eleven’s annual birthday. This year marks the 82nd birthday for 7-11 convenience stores, so what could be better than to celebrate with a delicious, and don’t forget FREE, brain-freeze induced Slurpee?!

At 7-11, you will receive a free 7.11 ounce Slurpee in the flavor or your choice, or mixed flavors if that’s your thing.

7-Eleven typically runs a free Slurpee promotion in coordination with other summer promotions. This year’s Slurpee promotions ties into the G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra movie coming out this summer, which is where the new Slurpee flavor “Liquid Artillery” comes from.

Keep in mind that the Slurpee drink flavors will be different at each 7-11 location, since the convenience store themselves decide on the flavors based on what is hot in each sector. Enjoy your FREE Slurpee at 7-11 tomorrow while enjoying the other fun things to do this summer! "

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July 6th, 2009

07:10 am - Zombie Prevention

"Michael Jackson will be buried this week– without his brain. As his family tries to finalise details for the King of Pop’s funeral on Tuesday they have been told it will be held back for tests.


Dr Wecht, who chronicles his career dissecting more than 16,000 bodies in his best- selling memoir A Question Of Murder, added: “In the 47 years I have been doing this I reckon only about one per cent of families say they want the brain back so they can bury it. In most cases it is incinerated.”

The autopsy is expected to show that the 50-year-old singer had drugs in his system when he died.

At various times, he is said to have been taking Demerol and Oxycontin for pain from old back and leg injuries and Diprivan, a hospital anaesthetic, to help him sleep.

- MICHAEL Jackson starred as the Scarecrow in The Wiz, the 1978 musical version of The Wizard of Oz – playing the character without a brain opposite Diana Ross as Dorothy."

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July 5th, 2009

04:59 pm - Kaboom Town Warbird Flyover Slideshow

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